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Everything you wanted to know about Blood Bikes!

Who are Blood Bikers and what do we do?

Merseyside and Cheshire blood Bikes, part of the national Blood Bikes network is totally manned by volunteers to provide an essential emergency service to the NHS 365 days a year. It transports Blood, Plasma, Platelets, Samples, Vaccines, Factor VIII, Donor Breast milk and any other urgently required medical items to hospitals – at night, weekends and bank holidays.

We want this service to reduce NHS expenses here, allowing these funds to be used to improve treatment and other resources. There is a real need for our service given the alarming shortage of blood nationwide and shortage of funds generally. With cuts to the NHS, fluctuating and unpredictable demands for blood and the expense of taxi and courier services, the cost effectiveness of Blood Bikes becomes ever more important.

NW Blood Bikes Dragon Boat Challenge Challenge Saving Lives

Our Volunteers

Blood bike volunteers give their time, and money, freely! All our riders hold an Advanced Rider Qualification or are certificated having undertaken a Blood Bike rider programme, which has far more features than a standard advanced rider course.

Our riders are check tested annually and must undertake a tri-annual retest. Our riders are encouraged to retest with Diamond, RoSPA or IAM. All our riders are accredited by our groups own independent training body MCA Corp.

NW Blood Bikes Dragon Boat Challenge Challenge Saving Lives