Crusaders Trans Pennine Challenger

Dragon Boating

Dragon Boating History

Originating over 2000 years ago in China the international sport has grown from Hongkong in the 70's and now widely contested the world over with the 2016 European Championships takign place in Rome and the World Championships taking place in China in 2017.

A dragon boat has the appearance of a long canoe where paddlers sit two abreast. Racing typically varies from crews of 8 to 20 participants. Each crew also has a drummer to motivate and direct the crew as well as a helm at the rear of the boat who steers. The paddle action is closer to that of a Canadian canoe than kayaking but is quite unique in style. However it is a sport that that newcomers can get involved with quickly as illustrated through the variety of charity, fun day and corporate events across the UK.

 Dragon boat national championships Nottingham 2015

Dragon Boating in the UK

Dragon Boating exists throughout the UK with National Leagues under the auspices of the British Dragon Boat Association and numerous Charity Events through organisations such as Race The Dragon who have also been instrumental in providing the highest quality racing boats for the Trans Pennine Challenge and the Bradford Lord Mayor's Appeal Dragon Boat Festival.

The two crews taking part in the Challenge are comprised of Crusaders Dragon Boat Club and Bradford Barracudas. Crusaders are based at Crosby Liverpool and compete at national league level across the UK having provided international paddlers for gold medal winning GB squads over recent years. Barracudas have only recently formed their club. paddling from Doe Park having become interested in the sport after gaining a highly respectable third place at the 2015 Bradford Lord Mayor's Appeal Dragon Boat Festival.